Our Team

Katalin Rigo

Katalin is the founder and head of Clear Light International, as well as mentor and supervisor of the coaches working with her. She has 20 years of professional experience in life and business coaching and has been working throughout Europe as a trainer and lecturer. Katalin believes that with a shift in mentality and inner commitment anyone can achieve long-term and lasting change, regardless of age and gender, in all aspects of their life. Her holistic approach to personal development and well-being are based on her many qualifications, which include coaching, transpersonal psychology, NLP, spiritual and energy healing, divination and functional nutrition. 

Email Katalin to katalin.rigo@cli-world.co.uk

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Eszter Morvay

Eszter is an NLP master practitioner and ILM Level 5 certified coach, focusing primarily on business and leadership coaching. She believes that the journey to professional development leads through personal development. Therefore, her approach combines a holistic blend of transpersonal coaching methods and commercial leadership techniques to help her clients improve work performance, manage people more effectively, improve relationships and communications. 

Eszter has a wealth of experience having spent 20 years at international corporations in Brussels and London, holding management positions at EMEA and global level. She has a bachelor’s degree in business from the IBS college of Oxford Brookes University.

Email Eszter to eszter.morvay@cli-world.co.uk

Clear Light International Coaching and Training Organization

Eva Schvarcz

Eva is committed to personal and professional growth both in her own life and in her career as a coach. She has vast professional experience in multinational and governmental environments. She focuses on life altering moments, like carrier changes or other decisions of great importance. She will help you to analyse your situation, identify key points, find your best solution and stay steadfast, with strong commitment to it. She is a certified coach and holds a BA in preschool education from Vitéz János College, Esztergom, Hungary and a BA in international relations from Zsigmond Király College, Budapest, Hungary.

Email Eva to: eva.schvarcz@cli-world.co.uk

Clear Light International Coaching and Training Organization

Angela Szucs

Angela is a Life and Business Coach, dedicated to supporting people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Her passion for coaching ignited 6 years ago and since then she has been a committed advocate of personal and professional development, completing numerous courses to attain a holistic approach to self-realization. Angela has 15 years of professional experience across Europe, most recently as a travel industry specialist, which makes her an expert in working with different cultures and helped her develop a solution-oriented mindset.

Email Angela to: angela.szucs@cli-world.co.uk

Clear Light International Coaching and Training Organization

Karoly Tanacs

Karoly is a Life and Business Coach, helping people to define and achieve their goals, and to look at their situation from a different point of view. His interest in personal development led him to attend a coach training many years ago and he has not stopped since. He became fascinated with the process and the results it can deliver and has been dedicated to improving his self-awareness and achieve greater level of consciousness. Karoly has 11 years of experience providing support services for its clientele all over the country, exposing him to different company structures, positions and people, which made him a highly open-minded coach. 

Email Charlie to: karolytanacs@cli-world.co.uk

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Kata Varju

Kata is a Life and Business Coach, focusing on personal development and life coaching. Her background is in academics and she holds various degrees in humanities. Kata has broad teaching experience working with people as a language teacher, helping them overcome their obstacles in language acquisition. Becoming a coach was a natural next step for her and for the past years she has been taking trainings and courses in self-development techniques. She found these useful not only for her own personal development, but also as an invaluable tool in her work as a coach. 

Email Kata to: kata.varju@cli-world.co.uk

Clear Light International Coaching and Training Organization